Locally Grown or Organic

Although “always and only organic” sounds like the holy grail, locally grown has its upside. I remained confused for a long time after my Ayurvedic training. Recently, I spoke with a dear friend of mine, when we realized something- locally grown produce is created with a lot of love and care.  What we eat, becomes who we are. Produce that is created with love, care and overall “happier” conditions affects us when we consume it.

Pros and Cons

On the flip side, local farmers may be using some pesticides depending on their farming methods. I often gravitate towards produce that is locally grown when grocery shopping at Whole Foods, but I rarely end up picking it. We all hear this repeatedly, organic is the best. For some reason only that stuck with me. But honestly, the local produce especially in the summer looks so vibrant. The tomatoes, corn, squashes, berries. Price-wise, not really that much of a difference either, just that organic feels safer.

My friend mentioned that local produce is superior for our bodies than organic. We discussed more. Some of the organic produce we consume is from other parts of the U.S.  A a lot of it is from other countries where the organic standards are not nearly as rigid. So then that raises a good question, is organic even really that organic?

Ayurvedic Perspective

In Ayurveda, locally grown holds immense value because 5,000 years ago pesticides did not exist.

The theory is that consuming produce made on the same soil as where we live, essentially local, will enable our bodies to digest it better. It also helps develop better immunity to the environment and seasons. The elements in that produce will effectively work through the body. In essence, it is a match. The food is created for and to support our body.

If we eat coconut products in the cold northeast winter weather, like coconut water from a tropical climate, how will that help our body? It will not. Coconuts are cooling and instead we need foods that are warming for our body in vata season (winter).


Plants, herbs and animals have consciousness. The consciousness in animals is more visible because of their physical attributes. Plants and herbs physically do not make sounds, move or have organs. Naturally, as humans, we relate more to animals than herbs or plants.

We are shifting on a spirit level into a finer, more subtle vibration of consciousness otherwise known as 5th Dimensional Consciousness (5D). The vibration is increasing within us humans, but the entire collective of beings. This includes those that are plants, herbs and animals. This means it is even more crucial for us to consume that which also has a higher vibration. It is a necessity to maintain this vibration in the 5D state.

If you are consuming animal products, happier cows that were allowed to eat grass and roam the fields with their fellow friends and family will translate into higher vibrational milk products and meat.

If you consume plants and herbs, try to find locally grown. Before selecting, look and intuitively feel which one or bunch you are drawn to before purchasing.

Is it any coincidence that more individuals are naturally going on plant based diets?

Subconsciously many of us know and feel the effects of the higher vibration plants and herbs. Some of us are changing our diet, eliminating foods that no longer suit our bodies. Others are becoming more aware of what their body needs.

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