First Centering Yourself

The Conditioning as We Know It

Conditioning happens in our childhood. Our deepest desires to live our truth is suppressed. Many of us grow to live life in a way where we are internally programmed with rules. As kids and then as young adults, most of us are told to reach for the stars and to keep reaching for the next success whether it be A’s in school or the next bigger and better job. Growing up in the 90’s, there was no yoga or awareness the way we have it all laid in front of us today. Balance did not matter, what mattered was being goal oriented for success not inner peace.

Sometimes this definition of success was not mine, but what was defined by my parents. Personally, I kept going on a path that was easy, until I realized I was not happy; my soul was still yearning for something more. It took years,  many shifts, and even moves before my eyes opened up about what I had been doing all my life up until then.

The Journey Starts

My spiritual awakening journey started first with two individuals, suggesting me to read Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss within the same month. I read the book within one weekend and I was so fascinated that I researched to find a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist and booked my first appointment. I learned so much about my soul over only 5 sessions that I was content in knowing how certain scenarios from previous lives affected this one. From my soul mission to my relationships, I learned so much about who I was in the truest essence. Even beyond the sessions,  weeks and months later I kept having light bulb moments where I could see fragments of memories from my past lives surfacing.

My First Real Experience With Ayurveda

Next, was 6 months later when I was in Mumbai for a work trip that was intended to be a few weeks. I was there for over 2 months. Randomly, but I suppose now I can say it was not random just a synchronicity- I ended up at an Ayurvedic pancakarma center for 12 days. I was by myself there in seclusion with no wifi undergoing detox treatments with an Ayurvedic doctor. I had all sorts of Ayurvedic therapies and massages. It was deep cleansing for the mind, body and soul.

Soul Coaching

While in India, a cousin of mine introduced me to a soul coach and her name is Mana from Soul Science. Past life hypnosis brought me up a few steps, but Mana she took me up several flights of stairs! I learned so much about my soul mission and who I really was.  As a sidenote, she has an amazing Facebook page where she shares her clients healing sessions for all to learn about how amazing the soul truly is.

In My Highest Power

I was introduced to another person, who channels from one’s higher self, guides and angels. I learned so much about myself, on healing issues of the past from this life and past lives. Moreover, I was ready for the present. To completely live the truth of me and only me. The difference was that now, I allowed, I embraced all that came my way. I was tuned in to my higher self, in my highest power. This trip was only the beginning, as I was becoming more spiritually awakened.

First Centering Yourself

This was not until 26 years old. I wonder how life could have different if I known more about myself when younger. If only my parents encouraged me to look internally more rather than looking externally.

I wonder at times, why not encourage kids to be centered first rather than first being in center. With this I mean, when we tap into regularly connecting with our higher selves we can better guide ourselves towards our purpose in life rather than haphazardly living a reality that is what we have been told is  “right” on achieving success that is defined by others.

When saying, being in center, I refer to the accolades and accomplishments so envy worthy be it material, financial, educational or another type. The journey starts when one realizes that being in the center is not merely enough.

Guiding our Children

What if we can guide our children towards finding their purpose in life and their soul mission from a young age? We must learn to guide them, not condition them. This is especially hard if we were raised being conditioned to thoughts and the “correct” way to be. We are incredibly lucky to have an increasing number of schools teaching meditation and yoga as part of their curriculum. These are tools to help connect our lower selves with our higher selves. Since my son came into our lives, I think about this all the time- how I can not condition him to a certain way that I or my husband want him to be?

Charged Water
Turmeric is Medicine

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