Healing Remedies for Cuts, Scrapes, Bruises and Burns!

The number of cuts, scrapes, bruises and burns in our house increases week by week. I wanted to share some healing remedies that work with the body that work incredibly well!

Arnica For Bruises and Sores

As a person who wholeheartedly loves and lives with Ayurveda, you’re probably surprised to see me writing about Arnica and homeopathy. I actually love homeopathy, especially so with my boys, which includes my husband. Amongst all of the homeopathic remedies, my favorite is arnica. I use both the 30C and 200C, and the gel/cream for topical use. I like the gel better because it spreads on better. Because it is natural and harmless, I don’t hesitate to use this. Even in times when I am unsure if my toddler got hurt. Now that he is almost 3 years old, he communicates where and when this or that happened. When he was younger, he fell down the stairs a few times and arnica came to our rescue! Now he just grabs and gives me the “ouchie” cream as he calls it and hands it over to me.

This works wonders also for adults in conditions like bruising, soreness, backaches or any type of muscle strain. If something is minor I usually apply the gel/cream. Though, if it is very painful then I combine it with the oral pellets, I love this brand. We go through so much arnica in our house (all for different reasons) that I always keep extra during sales. Just a few weeks back I applied it on my 9 month old, Ruhan after big brother accidentally hit his toy truck on his forehead. To be honest I was contemplating if I should even apply it, but since it is natural I felt there was no harm to come of it.

Turmeric To Heal

Turmeric is “anti” almost everything. Antibacterial, Anti-viral, antiseptic, etc. It is considered to be nature’s most powerful antibiotic. Problem with applying turmeric on a wound or scrape is that the color permeates into clothing and bed sheets very fast. The bright yellow color is sometimes difficult to get out and it just feels messy. Instead, use some sort of medium to mix it in, like honey, aloe vera, or yoghurt and then apply it. When my toddler gets cuts and scrapes, I mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric with honey and sometimes a little yoghurt to thicken it up. I apply it for 10 -15 minutes before bath time and keep him in the tub so that it doesn’t spread everywhere. I will admit that unless its a really big cut or scrape, I won’t do it.

Consuming turmeric promotes faster healing. Since I do cook a LOT of Ayurvedic food, I consume it directly through my meals. But, I up my turmeric intake through golden milk when I am actively trying to heal from a cut, scrape, bruise or pain. If you want to learn more about how medicinal turmeric is, then check out this post. My toddler loves his milk and still has a cup before bedtime. For kids that are still consuming milk, the best way is to add it to their milk with a pinch of black pepper (to increase bio-availibility). I do it every single night because at this age the cuts, scrapes, bruises are all just a part of growing up.

Ghee For Burns

Ghee is not just for cooking food. The first thing when and if I accidentally burn my finger is to open the ghee jar and dab a glob of it. It is instantly very cooling and works much much better than an ice pack or a topical cream. From my experience, it prevents blistering so long you keep it on and keep applying it for a few hours. Also it reduces pain and helps to heal fast.

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