How To Relieve Chest Congestion Naturally

I am certain this is the longest winter we have had. Every week, my son brings home different germs from his toddler program. Many close friends warned me about the first few years of school or daycare. Colds and chest congestion has been an ongoing battle this winter, one week it’s gone and another it’s back.

We avoided giving him medicine, because he did not have anything serious enough for antibiotics. His immune system just had to get stronger. Not doing anything was not enough. Diet wise, I gave him a kapha pacifying diet to help prevent any further mucus. One thing that consistently worked is the ajwain potli. Ajwain is also known as carom seeds, and they are used in Ayurveda to help with digestion, flatulence. They also help with clearing mucus due to its heating and pungent qualities. This old school Ayurvedic technique is easy, safe and effective.

To Make Ajwain Potli

To make an ajwain potli, Take 1/4 cup ajwain seeds heat them on a pan with low heat for a few minutes. After roasting them, they should be warm and fragrant. Put them inside of a thin old sock or cheesecloth and tie it with hair band or a tie. Test on your arm to check if it is just slightly warm. It should not be hot, but at the right temperature that your baby can handle. If the temperature feels right then you can put it on your child’s chest. Pat it all around the chest and sides. This will help clear out the phlegm and mucous with ajwain’s natural heating potency qualities. If you don’t feel comfortable putting it on your child’s chest it could also be kept near their crib or bed . Repeat a few times in the day and cut back on using the ajwain once the congestion is clear.

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