Charged Water

In Ayurveda metals including gold, silver, iron and copper have been used in therapies for thousands of years. I wanted to share some of the daily uses of metals as I keep seeing trendy copper plated tumblers everywhere. Although these are not real copper, they sure do look nice.

Charging Water

One of the most common ways of using metals is by drinking water that has been charged by it.

This can be done by two ways: either buying a jug or tumbler that is made from the metal and kept overnight or putting pieces of that particular metal in a steel pot and boiling water with it.

Buying real copper tumblers is actually somewhat accessible here in the U.S., but silver and gold can get very pricey. If you choose the silver or gold therapy, then perhaps it makes sense to use the boiling method using pure silver or 24k gold that is not jewelry, anywhere from 20-50gms can be used for boiling 5 cups of water until it is down to half the quantity at approximately 2-2.5 cups. Drink half of it in the morning before eating anything and one cup at bedtime. Depending on whether you want to increase the strength you can boil it down to 1 cup or 3 cups. I would suggest to start slow and see how you feel before increasing the strength.

Depending on what you doshic imbalances are, one type of metal will be more beneficial than the others. If you choose the boiling method then metals can be combined. What are the health benefits of these metals?

Copper Benefits

  • weight loss
  • cholesterol
  • joint issues
  • improves nervous and circulatory issues
  • bone health
  • mental stress
  • liver/spleen issues
  • helps regulates thyroid
  • cleanses digestive system

Silver Benefits

  • antibacterial, anti fungal, anti fungal
  • heartburn
  • fevers
  • inflammation
  • heavy menstrual cycles
  • digestive problems
  • urinary issues

Gold Benefits

  • strengthens nervous system
  • improves memory
  • asthma/ lung diseases
  • brain/neurological function
  • arthritis

I bought a copper jug to use in my family since my husband has lymph nodes on his chest (a clear sign of congestion) and to help with my thyroid issues. Apart from those two main things, I think we both could use some help with losing weight! If all it is going to take is filling the jug up the night before and drinking 2 glasses first thing in the morning (which I do anyway) then why not?!

Copper is typically the most commonly one used. If you are looking to improve general wellness and health then use copper. It is very important to throw the leftover water away after drinking 1-2 cups first thing in the morning. From personal experience, I thought I had refilled the water before sleeping, but turns out I forgot. The next morning after drinking what was the leftover water from the day before, I got very nauseous and vomited. Typically, 1-2 glasses should not cause any stomach cramping or pain, but if you experience any discomfort then cut down on the amount.

Other Purposes

Apart from drinking water from charged metal, they have other purposes, too. During my pregnancy, my doula recommended looking into purchasing silver nipple shields to protect my nipples from developing  infections. Since I was planning on nursing, bleeding and cracked nipples is very common. I was so glad she suggested these because I know that silver is antibacterial and cooling. This is an example of a product developed with Ayurvedic principles for our modern day lives.  I bought a pair and I absolutely love them because I have not developed any pain or an infection yet in these past few months of nursing. It might be worth looking into because they are are worth every penny and the best part is they can be reused over and over again…in case you have more children!

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