Letting Go, Literally

Spring Season

Finally we are in Spring weather, known as kapha season in Ayurveda. Moist, dense, wet, heavy describes our spring season in the Northeast. It also describes kapha because it is composed of water and earth. Mother Nature once again gives birth to blooming flowers, luscious trees and green grass. It is a reset in nature but also an opportune time to reset our bodies. Many people undergo Ayurvedic cleanses during this time of year to reset their digestive system, to shed off toxins known as ama, and start afresh with stronger digestion.

Let Go of the Physical

It felt almost intuitive that it was time to let go of certain people, items, even certain foods. Some of it happened naturally, without consciously realizing it. I literally moved my bookshelf from my office spaceĀ into the guest bedroom. Ā Before moving it, I sorted and made a pile of things to keep and things to throw out. My office space is my most used spaced in the day and I had this urge to simplify the space. Sure, that shelf is still there, but now it can be a part of a room that I rarely ever use.

Letting go might be harder for you if your are a kapha individual or you have a dual dosha with kapha in it. Those who have lots of kapha, like to hold on to physical items, people, thoughts, emotions. Acknowledge it and work through it because the end result is worth it.

Time For a Reset

I tried to maintain a sattvic diet since I found out I was pregnant with my son for various reasons but I was swinging back and forth. Every so often I had a craving for eggs and I would honor it. But after my son was born, I eggs did not appeal to me. Ā I should not be eating them givenĀ eggs are not sattvic. Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic are 3 qualities of the mind in Ayurveda, I go more into detail about them in this post. My aversion towards eggs and wanting to maintain a sattvic diet as much as possible made me decide for good that I will not eat them anymore- at least not consciously as scrambled or an omelette.

Allow Only That is Aligned

A lot of people came and went through the years. Some acquaintances turning into deep friendships and then some friendships becoming meaningless just lingering on.

The past few months I have begun to setĀ the intention that only those that are aligned with my self come into my life. For those who are not aligned with me or my purpose, I ask that they gently exit my life.

The spring season for me was a time to let go, all that which no longer serves me or my purpose.

Self-Massage is Self-Love

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