How To Conceive a Boy?

I never thought that I would ever write on how to conceive a boy.  But with what I learned, I must share.  During one of my Ayurvedic training sessions, a teacher of mine randomly mentioned that if a woman takes ashwagandha prior to conceiving, it will increase the odds for a boy.  It was not mentioned how many weeks prior to or at what dosage would do the magic. It must be somewhere in the ancient Ayurvedic texts, I hope to find it one day and share. So take this with a grain of salt!


Ashwagandha has become a fairly popular herb., I would say second on the list to turmeric.

  • Mostly taken for adrenal fatigue, also works as an adaptogen to help fight stress in the body and mind.
  • It is a rejeuvenative (rasayana) that helps balance vata.
  • Known as Indian Ginseng or Winter Cherry in the West, it is a powerful male fertility tonic by increasing sperm count and testosterone.
  • Ashwagandha is an aphrodisiac and nervine tonic that helps rebuild tissues in the body that have been depleted. Think of depleting conditions such as cancer, debilitating diseases, or post-surgery.
  • Ashwagandha also helps strengthen the female’s reproductive system with its building quality.
  • For those that have severe stress and have been depleted and feel unstable physically or mentally, ashwagandha will help stabilize and ground.
  • Because it is heating, pitta types should steer clear of taking it. It is mainly known to balance vata by its strengthening, heavy and nourishing qualities.
  • It has an unctuous quality to it, so if you have ama (toxins/sludge) then it will not help, it may actually make ama worse.

If You Want A Boy

My story is, I took ashwagandha during the summer around July and I was primarily taking it for adrenal support. I got pregnant end of October and I found out in January that it was a boy. Later in April, I learned that ashwagandha helps conceive a boy. What is the secret ingredient in ashwagandha- that is still unknown. Some may know such as my teacher, but with this knowledge comes with a responsibility.

I subconsciously must have wanted a boy. I also learned that even though it is contraindicated to be taken during pregnancy and can cause a miscarriage, women do take it in under Ayurvedic supervision for different conditions. As with different doshic types, taking which herbs and for what purposes is also dependent on the person. Energetically, it helps lift up from that which is pushing down, both physically and mentally so that the womb remains stable. The energy is flowing upwards instead of downwards preventing inducing early labor or bleeding. Though for some it may actually do the opposite as ashwagandha is heating in nature. It depends on the individual.

To Strengthen

I had a low lying placenta from 11 to 37 weeks and found out about ashwagandha at 24 weeks. I took ashwagandha by Organic India, 2 capsules a day. Even at 35 weeks my placenta had not moved fully up. Finally at 37 weeks it did! Whether it was just the uterus growing larger and pushing up the placenta or the ashwagandha is debatable. Next time around, if this happens again I will start taking it much sooner if my lower areas need more strength, and of course under supervision.

Postpartum Vata Imbalance
Baby Shower

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