Connecting with Baby

When pregnant, I was at a very special energetic space for my Ayurvedic training for most of my pregnancy. Mornings would start with meditation and yoga and at least several times a day the entire class would recite OM.  I was held in a high vibrational space and surrounded by healers, yogis, meditation teachers. When back home from my training, I maintained a routine of listening to mantras, yoga and meditation in the early morning.  

Do What Intuitively Feels Best

People often randomly commented that I should listen to Mozart, it will help the baby’s brain develop make him be smarter. Perhaps it is true, but I could not stand listening to Mozart when pregnant. ¬†I tried but it did not feel natural. I gravitated towards mantras and chants of all different types.

Mind Over Matter

For some reason related purchasing baby items as a means to connect and welcome my baby.  This is how the popular motherhood magazines and media portrays it. Even after I found out that the gender, I held off on all the  shopping because I did not want material items to be the means to connecting with him. I did not purchase anything for him until the 6th month. I often had this inner conflict where I felt that I was not truly welcoming him. This was just a conditioning I had to break. 

During this time, when I would meditate or listen to mantras I asked my baby to guide me to better understand how as parents we could better support him on his life journey. Both my husband and I believe that we were chosen by this soul and that it is our privilege to raise him.

No Conditioning, Please

Throughout the day I also stayed open to all thoughts coming through my mind, some very powerful moments such as “hey mom, please tell dad not to condition me to his ways.” At other times, it was messages in my dreams such as “I like grapes and I will be close to my Uncle Ron”. Of course it is debatable whether it is the hormones or actual messages coming through, but I think depending on which it is, you would know.

Ayurvedic Perspective

In Ayurveda¬†it is ¬†a time when all of the mother’s thoughts, doings and seeings affect how the baby will be. Ideally I should have been glowing, smiling and ecstatic every single day, but life is not dandy every single second. If I drifted, I brought myself back into alignment with happy thoughts. I tried my best to surround myself with pictures of beautiful babies clipped to my board and spend a few moments gazing at these adorable babies. By default in entire pregnancy I was studying, thinking, breathing and living Ayurveda. But, I also worked on visualizing my baby and the life we would have as a family with all the sensory details.¬†


My husband made it a point that baby heard his voice too every single day.. In the evenings, like a ritual he would put his hands on my belly and talk to our baby. Sometimes it was casually while we were laying on the couch.¬†Other times,¬†he and I would meditate together, asking the baby to guide us and for us to get to know another better. My husband was reluctant to do this, mainly because it is difficult for someone who does not meditate regularly and also to know whether they are doing it “right”. There is no right way. This became a regular part of our evenings and he would often ask for us to do this!¬†

Postpartum the Ayurvedic Way
Pregnancy: 1st Trimester

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