Postpartum Vata Imbalance

Pacifying Vata Dosha

When there are too many shifts or transitions, vata dosha becomes imbalanced. Postpartum is a time of vata imbalance, which is why there is an emphasis for practicing traditions like garbhini paricharya. In Ayurveda, it is important during postpartum that she is grounded and stable, both mentally and emotionally.  The vata needs to be contained and eliminated, otherwise it can cause mental diseases like postpartum depression. Physically, vata dosha is responsible for the actual birth of a baby.  Vata is responsible for all hollow spaces and cavities in the body including the hollow uterus after giving birth,. After the baby is born, it is so crucial for a new mom to be on a vata pacifying diet and lifestyle for upto a few months after birth depending on how she recovers.

Belly Binding

Belly binding is super popular these days. But Ayurveda has preached about the importance of belly binding for thousands of years! Binding the belly with cloth is the traditional method to help shrink the uterus back to its original size. Of course nowadays, there are belly bands with velcros and all kind of materials and styles to choose from. If the uterus does not shrink back then it is exposing itself to all kinds of vata diseases.  Vata thrives when there is too much space and air. I used Belly Bandit for 6 months postpartum and at times it was very irritating and itchy but it did do the job very well.

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