Ojas Milk

Ojas is the subtle essence of kapha dosha and otherwise known to be our immunity, giving us vigor for life and resilience towards illness. It is a physical substance in our bodies that nourishes us. It is described to be of a “milky” substance. Our ojas depletes when we are stressed, overworked mentally and physically (exercise or sex), and immunity is compromised.

To give a better visual, imagine a person that is stressing everyday on their commute to make it to work on time and then dealing with politics at work all day long.  They eat lunch if there is time or most likely snacking throughout the day.  In the in the evening, they go they go to the gym for a bootcamp class.

Building Ojas

In Ayurveda, it takes 35 days for our food to be transformed, absorbed by the seven tissues. At the end of the process ojas is formed. If our agni (digestive fire) is not functioning properly then our body will form ama (toxins) and an inferior quality of ojas, if at all. The chances are very low for any amount of ojas to build if we are depleting our ojas through a poor diet and lifestyle.

Ojas Milk Recipe

One of the ways to build our ojas is by drinking this ojas milk in the evening before bedtime. If you do not drink dairy, then substitute it with almond milk (homemade if possible).

  • 1 cup milk (organic and grass-fed is possible)
  • 2 dates
  • cardamom powder to taste
  • nutmeg powder to taste
  • cinnamon powder to taste

Soak dates for a few hours, if possible soak them in the morning with hot boiling water so that by evening they are very soft. Remove pits from the dates and blend with the cup of milk until no pieces remain. Simmer in saucepan over low heat, add the spices.


  • Milk is kapha pacifying, it is cool, heavy and sweet
  • Dates are pitta pacifying, as they are heavy, cold, and sweet
  • Nutmeg is vata pacifying, as it is dry, hot and heavy
  • Cinnamon is vata and kapha pacifying, it is hot, sweet, pungent and light
  • Cardamon is tri-doshic (pacifies all doshas), it is light, pungent,and sweet

For insomnia, nutmeg will really help you sleep deep.

If you have a cold, then add a slice of ginger to the boiling milk and add more of the spices.

Be sure to add more cardamom if you have a cough, as it acts as an expectorant. Substitute the dates for honey, add the honey only after the milk with the spices has cooled down enough that it is at a drinkable temperature.

This ojas milk recipe will feel like you are drinking a dessert while helping build your ojas!

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