Friends Of The Sea, To Heal Me

Last night I saw the Little Mermaid, the 2018 released version on Netflix. It brought back so many childhood memories of the original Disney movie. I was surprised how the movie had a deeper message. In the movie, the water is portrayed to possess healing powers, and the mermaid has something to do with charging the water. The Mermaid is kept captive in a circus and a magician steals her soul, preventing her from returning back to the sea to live free. The magician sells her tank water as a magic potion because of its healing powers.

Most individuals consider mermaids as mythical creatures, along with gnomes, trolls, unicorns. Putting aside mermaids, the movie’s message is clear about the water and its healing properties. It is not my first time hearing how powerful water really is, but definitely a reminder to not forget this.

To Heal

Apart from mythical creatures, whales and dolphins are sea animals from our earthly realm. Whales and dolphins emit a certain frequency that is powerful to heal us from physical, mental and emotional illness and blockages. There are many theories of how these creatures were placed on Earth to help heal us collectively.

Dolphins and Whales

One of the items on my bucket list is to swim with the dolphins one day! No but really, you don’t have to go out of your way to swim with the dolphins to actually heal. You can call on their energy in meditation. You can find many videos of dolphin and whale music online to listen to and watch. As our vibration upgrades on a collective level, subtler processes will become more powerful. The need to actually be in the ocean with dolphins matters less, the intention matters more.

I grew up near the ocean and even now I live only miles away from the water. I am very much a forest type person, if a given a choice between living near the water or trees. For the most part, we are all drawn to water, may it be a beautiful clear water beach or just a small stream in the forest. The majority of our bodies are made up of water and when we connect with water, we are syncing to the energies of the water and the high vibrational sea animals within it. Some of this happens without even realizing why we do the things we do. Not all oceans and seas are the same in terms of their energy as some are more polluted and damaged. An increasing number of whales and dolphins are being killed, held captive, or tortured for reasons unknown. How is it that we are destroying mother nature and a gift given to us for healing?

Reprogramming Our Subconscious

Water represents the subconscious mind. We can consciously heal ourselves and re-program our subconscious. The subconscious takes up majority of the brain. This means that these imprints are what we live by, the core of our belief systems and patterns. To consciously change these is obviously not easy. Most of us try doing this through different methods when we realize a belief system or pattern is no longer serving us for our growth. You can use the ocean to reprogram the subconscious and to release these imprints that are no longer serving you. Call in the dolphins, whales, sea animals to assist in this cleansing and reprogramming.

Here is guided visualization you can do during meditation, however, instead of holding on to what I have shared, tune in to what you are being lead to and what feels right.

Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths.

Ask your higher self to guide you and assist you on this journey.

Go to a beach near the ocean that you have been lead to visit. Once there go sit on the sand.

Ask that the ocean, its energy and its creatures assist in reprogramming of the subconscious that is for the highest good.

As each wave moves near you, it sweeps and pulls fragments from your subconscious that no longer serve you. These are swept away back into the ocean. Continue to repeat until you are finished.

When finished, give gratitude to the ocean and sea animals for their assistance and for allowing to impart their higher frequency in you.

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