Signs, Symbols, and Synchronicities

This week there were signs, symbols and synchronicities all around me. I ask myself often, is this real or just some mere coincidence? At times I feel I need to be more tuned in to connect the dots and other times I find myself silly trying to analyze everything. The worst is when I share with my husband or a close friend and they think I have lost my mind.

Seeking Validation

I have seeked validation whenever I have shared. These days, I share less because I have experienced synchronicities that had a much deeper reason than I anticipated. If it was not for this validation, I would be a lot more connected with my surroundings and tuned in to what the universe is communicating to me. At times, I am able to connect the dots. These are not random, that I do know for sure. As a matter of fact nothing is random, or in other words everything is divinely orchestrated. Say, that deer you saw in the middle of the road staring you down or numerical sequences like 11:11 am showing up, not random at all. Some of us are open to understanding and others not. Many of those around us may not be tuned in, and that’s okay too. There is no need to prove anything.

There is no need to seek validation from others.  It is an internal feeling of just knowing, like okay this deer is communicating with me about something. Maybe it is a random person talking to you about something that at the moment on the surface feels random. But a few hours later you realize okay was that just a coincidence or not? Or that person sitting next to you on the plane offers to help you out on the career front. For those who do not want to believe that the divine is having a role will simply say it was a coincidence and random. Is random.. really random though?


I have made meditation a part of my daily routine, sometimes it does not happen at 5:30 am when I would like to meditate. I make time, may it be before bedtime or in between in the day. There are so many different ways to meditate. In the past, I had someone tell me meditating is just being and focusing on the breath. Well, no. Meditation can be visualization, it can be guided, it can be connecting with our masters or guides. It can even be sending out waves of beautiful healing energy to our loved ones. This is a free for all sort of thing, there is no wrong or right way to do it. At times you might just want to be, have stillness and focus on the breath. 

Meditation strengthens our connection to our higher self, our soul, truest essence of who we are. Ever since I have become more aware- signs, symbols and synchronicities happen almost every day in regard to something, small or big. As this connection to my higher self further deepens, so do the events. Practicing yoga also enables to strengthen the higher and lower self connection.

Collectively Shifting

I often wonder and think about how on a collective level we are shifting. In many outward ways we are moving forward with all sorts of technological advances. But, also in many ways backwards with being able to see the divine in everything we experience as the Native Americans and our ancestors once did.

I notice how some individuals, including my husband, deny how signs, symbols and synchronicities are something more than random. I sometimes see through him. It is hard to break free from lifelong conditioning of certain beliefs.

One of the reasons why I wanted to talk about this today is that as meditation and yoga become even more widespread and practiced, and the connection to one’s higher self gets so strong, this will become the new norm as we know it- each of us so in tune with ourselves and aligned. This will herald a new way of being, where signs, symbols and synchronicities will just be a part of our daily human experience.

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