The Divine Masculine

The divine feminine is often spoken about, understood and respected. Mother earth, Gaia, Shakti, and the many other names and forms there may be. She is loving, nurturing, intuitive, wise, bountiful, healing, and creative to name a big few. Her archetypal types appear as goddess, high priestess, queen through different cultures and history. She is responsible for creation but also destruction. All of us, male and female have the aspects of the divine feminine lingering within us. What we chose to do and whether we choose to activate the divine feminine within us a a choice. The divine feminine represents our right side of the brain, the creative, emotional part.

The divine feminine is inward and the divine masculine is the doer, action taker.

Ayurvedic Perspective

In Ayurveda these concepts are known as purusha (masculine) and prakruti (feminine). It is with these two coming together that our existence can be. Purusha without prakruti is nothing, it needs prakruti to come in and create. This essentially manifests our world. 

An imbalance occurred long time ago, where the divine masculine went off track into its dark side and became the ego masculine. This is a very deep subject, so the why it happened is another topic althogether. This ego masculine energy reigning over us is what has helped create a patriarchal society. The imbalance of male power, authority, and disrespect towards the feminine. For example, gender pay gap is this imbalance, rape is another one where the control aspect has taken over. These are both examples on a society level, but the ego masculine exists on a collective and personal level. Rather than only identifying with the few examples I am providing, see what comes to your mind.

Rebirth of Earth

Currently there is a mass awakening occurring on the global consciousness front. Mother Earth, the divine feminine, has been suppressed for so long with this ego masculine counterpart. As more individuals awaken, they are recognizing their true selves and identifying their energetic imbalances. We are headed towards a birthing of a new earth, that is balanced energetically.

On a personal level, we may recognize these ego masculine vs. divine masculine energies in relationships. It is not only women experiencing this, it is also men- as we all have the divine masculine and divine feminine within us. For example, a man might be working in a company where there is severe manipulation. His boss might have a large ego with disrespectful, belittling remarks aimed at him during every team meeting. On a global level, we are already experiencing so many shift happening physically and energetically. Look at all the weather related disasters and massive shakeups on so many fronts.

The earth is being rebirthed and we are moving into an era, that is of a higher vibration. The masculine and feminine will once again be in sync, balanced harmoniously together.

The Shift

There are more companies emerging that are consciously protecting the earth. They are impacting society for betterment but also economically making a positive impact- this is a balance of the masculine and feminine.

On a personal front, at the very least you may not relate to anything I have said. You may feel these ego masculine qualities in a situation where another person is rubbing on you but can no longer bear it. You gather your courage and speak up or walk away. In this scenario, you have identified the ego masculine and are attempting to correct it. Females will understand this more so, as we are naturally attuned into our feminine energies and we can more readily experience the heaviness of the ego masculine energy. However, for males, this may be difficult because we are so conditioned to believe that males are “supposed to be” egocentric, dominating, authoritative macho individuals.

Males behaving from the ego masculine side may belittle and emasculate the others that are in sync with their divine masculine energy with phrases like “are you not man enough?” or “this is not how men handle it!”

Mass Awakening

With the mass awakening happening, a many are shaking up in all sorts of ways, not understanding what it is they are feeling or experiencing on a deeper level. A lot of people are wanting to know who they really are on a soul level and their divine purpose. Even with these answers, there is still a fundamental aspect that remains hidden- the balance of the divine feminine and masculine. 

For the woman who had a generation of females before her on her mothers side always marrying ego masculine males, has identified how deeply ingrained in her DNA these patterns have been. She ends up with a ego masculine man, no matter what. She knows deep down she has not found the one, though everyone is pointing fingers at her saying it is her being not good enough. If she chooses to, she can now consciously break free from this contract that has existed for generations and meet a man who is behaving from the divine masculine. 

Eliminating the Ego

On a mass level, are we not seeing more and more fathers being actively involved in their children’s lives? The ego masculine would look down on this saying it is the “woman’s job”. The divine masculine would applaud the man for teaching and enriching the childrens’ lives with his masculine energy type activities and play.

The divine masculine is fully remerging, as I am not the first or the last person to talk to about this. This is just a little awareness I would to bring forth. Eliminating the ego masculine requires transformation and that is what we are going through. If we can at least start thinking how the the divine feminine and the ego or divine masculine has played out in the story of our life, we might just find some hidden answers to our own imbalances in life.

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