What is Surrender?

A lot of talk about surrender has come up in my life during the past year. I think there is so much confusion of what surrendering to your higher self and the divine actually means. I used to believe surrender is a type of letting go because there is usually some loss or negativity associated with the process. An understanding that beyond all that we can do actively, we just have to let go.

Many of the enlightened souls I have met in life, some religious, some spiritual, often comment on surrendering. But, what does it really mean to surrender? There is a lot of talk about surrender out there, but I think it is often misunderstood. I myself was one of those people.

The Ego

What I have come to realize is our ego has a hard time understanding what real surrender means because it likes control. It is the part of us that keeps us within limitations of only seeing ourselves as the so called “doer”. Surrender, is when the ego is gone and we are able to see how the divine has orchestrated the entire play. There is a understanding that we are just the tool, but it is actually the divine that is the “doer”. We are just the medium through which the divine does the necessary, whether in our eyes this is good or bad. The divine works in doing for the greatest good for all. What does this mean?

The Good and Bad

Sometimes when we don’t get the outcomes we want or are so hard on ourselves because we could not go x or y, we tend to blame ourselves. But, consider that the divine is playing out the outcomes. Whether it is a good or bad outcome, is is what our ego wants to dictate. By vanishing the ego momentarily we can stop judging good or bad and rather see through the outcomes simply as that is what needed to be experienced. To surrender is to wholeheartedly accept this without a reaction to or allowing the ego to judge.

Surrendering is obviously much easier done when we have a positive situation. For example, a high school student finds out that she is accepted to her top choice college. Since she wanted this outcome and she now has it, she feels that “she did it”. Her grades and profile that she was working on for years has proven fruitful. To think about even surrender is silly in this scenario. This is exactly my point. It is a positive outcome and usually we don’t associate positive with surrender. To surrender means to allow the divine to work through us, the outcome is irrelevant. It is to understand that we are just here in this moment of time having that experience.

Regardless of outcome, there should not be a reaction. With greater awareness, we can exist with more love for ourselves, others and all. Harder said than done.


The ego can tilt our faith on understanding the divine will to be working in the greatest good of all. You will rarely see those on the path of spiritual enlightenment behaving from a place of ego. It is what differentiates us living the worldly life we do and those that are on a higher spiritual path. These spiritual masters, monks, or whoever they may have mastered to desecrate the ego and the “I”. They are aware of the larger game being played of the cosmos and their role within it. They yearn to increase their awareness and have faith in their soul’s purpose and role.

Of course all our life purpose’s are not meant to be spiritual masters. We can evolve and grow with awareness once we can become better at surrendering to the divine. Our ego limits us, surrendering to the divine helps us grow and evolve aligning us better on our soul path. Surrendering is to allow the divine to work through you.

Signs, Symbols, and Synchronicities

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