Which Color Do You Like?

A long time back when in preschool I remember the girls would only say pink or purple as their favorite color. To fit in, it had to be either one. Dare any of the girls say blue! As a kid, we sometimes had to associate with gender specific colors. When parents pick room colors and decor for their kids, they tend to pick safe color choices.

At some point later when we get older we start appreciating different colors. For clothing you may like a certain color because it suits your skin tone and body better, for decor another color and so on for different day to day items. I have even taken notice that my color preferences change every few years.

What Color Are You Drawn To?

Your body and energy might just be craving for that color as each one emits a certain frequency. The seven chakras of our body are energetic vortexes that resonate with different organs, color and hence vibration. When each one is in balance, there is harmony. When under or overactive, then physical and mental symptoms will arise.

To read more on chakras, read here. This is a beautifully created comprehensive guide by the Chopra Center of Meditation that explains each chakra in detail.

Balancing Our Bodies And Energy

The reason I would like to talk more about color is because it can help balance us if we are imbalanced. To bring more of that color into our life, is directing nourishing that chakra in our body and energetic field. It may be that for years you were drawn to a particular color and are just sort of used to it. Check in with yourself during meditation, while scanning your body see what color comes up. Try to let go of steering yourself onto one color, just let it come up.

Personally, over the past few years I have felt very drawn to blue. I think subconsciously over time I started to bring more blue into my life. First it was with a blue car, then blue scarves, then blue shoes and most recently a massive blue painting amongst many other things. Even though I grew up near the shore I was never a big fan of the water. Nowadays, I find myself sitting in front of a pond on my stroller walks with my son or even going to the waterfront. Blue is very cooling, from an Ayurvedic perspective it will help pittas cool off.

Some of the ways you can start incorporating that color is by foods, clothing, decor, or even charging your water by placing that color bottle filled with water in the sun. Of course, I would not suggest buying a whole new life filled with only that color but be creative and see where you can bring that color into your life.

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